AirLoc - Extreme Terrain AirFrame Series

AirLoc Running Boards from Skinz Protective Gear are unlike anything else on the market. These Running Boards feature a 2” vertical adjustment so that they can accommodate any rider or riding style. The height adjustment will allow you better handling and increased control of your machine. AirLoc Running Boards features a “ProTube” outer tube for extra strength and weight reduction. The actual running boards have been narrowed to 1” (from Skinz’s standard boards) to allow for technical riding styles. By their nature, these running boards will dramatically increase the strength of your tunnel. The positioning and shape of these boards is also unique. They are positioned to allow the rider 3”-4” more forward movement in the footwell area and include a reinforcing plate in the toe hold (helps in RMKs, which are known to buckle). When mounting these boards, the plastic body protrusions under your sled’s side panels are removed and narrowed, which allows the sled to perform better in deep snow and ride the steeps better. Like all Skinz Running Boards, these are fully removable and everything you need for installation is included.